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We were a year away from our 30th anniversary and for our 29th we once again found ourselves doing the same thing, a weekend in Banff, Alberta which is about an hour from our home. I’d had enough, I told Carla I was tired of doing the same thing every year, and so she told me if I didn’t like it, to find somewhere else, and so I did….



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From Light shows at Chartres and Les Baux, magnificent chateaus in the Loire, prehistoric caves in the Dordogne, sunrise against the walls at Carcassonne, ancient Roman bridges and then the  stunning blue ocean views of the French Riviera, what wasn’t to like?  Add in a bus of like-minded people wanting to experience and learn, and a guide who immersed us in French culture and even assigned homework, not a day went by that we didn’t have the time of our lives.

We ‘discovered’ Rick 6 years ago after we had booked our first European Adventure to Rome.  I was in the bookstore looking in the travel section and noticed his book about Rome, I’d kind of heard of Rick before from his TV show, but I’d really only thought of him as that travel guy on TV.  I had no idea that he had travel books, let alone offered tours.  Now, his books and website including the Travel Forum are my go-to for European travel; they fit my personality for detail so well.  We knew it was only a matter of time…